Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Living here.

I love living in Idaho. The main reason I am saying this right now, is what I saw on a store's marquee:


Hehehehe. Sometimes you just have to appreciate the area you live in.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I saw something today that made me take a second look, and still made me scratch my head.
I was headed to the store, and I passed a maroon car that looked like the front end was pealing. Made me go 'Oh, that is to bad new looking car and the paint is pealing up.' Then I looked again, the paint wasn't pealing, they had white stars painted on the front of the hood and down the sides to the front wheel. (In my defense for not seeing them at first, it was raining and at dusk.) Little white multi sized stars spangled the front end of this car.
This just makes me go "Huh?"

P.S. Hehehe, I almost spelled maroon, moron! Glad I always re-read before I post.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

TMI about my rotten day

What a rotten, rotten day.
Warning TMI ahead.
I had to go in for my PAP smear today. BLECK!
I hate going in for that yearly appointment. Worse I tell them every time that they need to us the bigger speculum, do they believe me? Well, yes they did today. However, she took larger to mean wider, not longer. Sigh. So the Physicians Assistant had to go get the longer speculum, which of course was freezing. Sigh. So after the exam I needed to ride one bus in order to catch another bus in order to get back to my town. As I was leaving the building I found it was raining father nicely. Bah. So I waited for the first bus for 20 minutes in the rain. Then for another 25 minutes for the other bus, under a tree at least so I was out of the rain. I get back to my city and it is still raining. Bleck. I get to walk home in the pouring rain in just the soft jacket I figured would be fine. By the time I get home, I am just soaked from head to toe. It was pouring so hard rain was sheeting off my face. I'm glad my book had a plastic cover and didn't get damaged. I stopped at a bathroom on the way home and found I was spotting fairly heavily. Wow, for the first time I was spotting when they said I would spot! I actually needed the pad they sent me home with.
So, poked and prodded, then poked and prodded again, then rained on, rained on again, then bleeding, then getting completely soaked, then after I get home DH tries to call me while on his lunch break, and it took about 12 tries for the phone call to finally go through. At least that made me feel a little better to talk to my hunny.
I really hate going in for my yearly PAP Smear.
I am thinking of getting an IUD, So I wouldn't have to worry about going to Pullman every 3 months, or about the timing of the Ring.

I've been neglecting all kinds of things lately, my google reader is up to 207, I haven't posted here in weeks, my kitchen is a mess and so is my living room. I finally cleaned up my bathroom shelves, but I still need to vacuum in there, yes I said vacuum. I don't have tile or linoleum anywhere in my home. I have carpet, old worn and stained carpet everywhere, including my porch! At least on the porch it is Astroturf.
I'm off the start my pellet stove so I can warm back up.