Friday, March 30, 2007


They are running a contest over at 5 Minutes for mom for a new Dyson Slim. The names will be randomly drawn in a few days. If you want in on it just go to the 5 minutes for mom site and sign up! I don't know that I have a chance, not anymore than anyone else at least.
Short post today.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #1

Thirteen Things I like about My town

1…. Our Libraries :)
2. Our used book store Tj's books and Treasures
3. That most of the town is reachable by bicycle
4. Being so close to another college town, one that is about double the size of ours, so it has more to offer
5. Our local yarn store, Needle Nook. They are very helpful
6. That there are so many trees and so much greenery most everywhere
7. That the town was built on a series of mild to large hills, it's hard to see all the way down a street because the street goes up and down and curves this way and that
8. During the winter time the town actually does a good job plowing the roads and sanding them down so they aren't as slick, though when it snows it is still a good idea to avoid 6th St. hill.
9. Howard Hughes Video, they have the best selection of movies, especially stuff that is not all that mainstream, my favorite section is TV Shows. Plus Sun-Thur they have a deal of every $2.50 title is $.99
10. UUCP, Universalist Unitarian Church of the Palouse, subgroup PPQ Purple Paisley Quilters
11. Most of our grocery stores have an organics section, and our Co-op carries all kinds of interesting things along with primarily organic meats and produce.
12. That an hour away is our favorite camping spot with a town nearby for supplies
13. That even though we live in a trailer park, the trailers are not all jammed together, in fact there are hills with trees between each section of trailers.

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Thursday, bleh!

I just came from reading Diva Kitty & the Fluffies, I loved her list of "Essential vocabulary additions for the workplace"! Hehehehehe, oh I needed that laugh today.
I think Darling Husband and I are coming down with something......again. *Sigh* it seems like we just got over these nasty nasty colds/flu. I think DH is coming down with the achy flu, he says everything aches and hurts. Back rubs, foot rubs, head rubs, and hand rubs seem to help him some. I know I am way to nice, but I like to rub him. I think I am starting to come down with it too because last night I had a headache despite the painkillers I am on from the root canal, a headache bad enough I was clenching my teeth, which OWW! root canal tooth didn't appreciate.
I rented Mutant X Season 3 for us to watch while I was going to be laying around not doing much, though I can see why it was canceled after this season, they lost two of the main actors/characters and things have been moving kind of slow. DH got kind of bored with it last night, enough that he told me he was considering going to get his book so he could read while he watched.

Speaking of books, we finished Brightly Burning by Mercedes Lackey earlier this week, though I can't seem to remember which night that was (silly drugs fogging my mind). Now that I think of it, it must have been Sunday night, because I handed DH Exile's Honor before we went out the door for my root canal appointment, for him to read while I was in the chair. Last night we finished up The Postman by David Brin. Tonight we move on to The Watch on the Rhine by John Ringo. Oh Yum! This is one book and book jacket I would like to keep nice. Any suggestions? Best I could think of was the protective cellophane type stuff the library uses on their hard cover books. I don't want to use like laminate stuff, which I do have, on it, though I will if I can't come up with something better. Main reason I don't want to use the laminate stuff is that it is so hard to work with. For now the jacket is just going to have to stay off the book while I read it aloud before bed.
I also went to the library yesterday, which was mmm lovely. I like our library, This may be a small town but we have two really nice libraries. We are a college town so our population doubles every fall. We have the huge University Library which even non-college people can use. We also have the local library, which is connected to like 60 other local libraries in the area, so if the local library doesn't have what you are looking for, chances are one of the other ones do and they will ship it for free to be picked up at whatever library you choose. I borrowed two movies, and three books. The books are: A Stitch in Time by Allison Bottke, which looked interesting on the shelf, and still seemed interesting after I read the back and the first couple pages; Rachel's Holiday by Marian Keyes, which I picked up because of a good review on this blog; and McSweeney's Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales edited by Michael Chabon, which I picked up because it looked interesting when I was perusing the shelves. I am such a book addict, I have a whole stack of new books to read at home, and yet I go looking for more at the library, I'm also in the middle of reading several books, yet I go pick up more!
At least I had a legitimate reason to go to the library, I was hoping they had 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns, which everybody on The No-End-In-Sight Ripple-Along that I joined seems to swear by. Unfortunately they didn't have the book, and neither did the other libraries, but the librarian was really nice and suggested I make a request for the book, making no promises she said they may actually buy it.

I also did my first successful ebay sale. Meaning I sold the item a few days ago, got the check for it yesterday, and shipped it yesterday. Yay me! I am hoping to sell some of my crochet and knit work. Though from what I was looking at the other day, there may not be much of a market for hand knit washcloths, baby blankets and afghans. Maybe if I offered them here? Any interest whatsoever, please post in the comments or e-mail me.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Root Canal

I believe I mentioned I was having to have a root canal on Monday.
Well I went in and had it done, fun times, I am still a little loopy. After the procedure, we went and picked up my prescription, they gave me percocet (sp?)! Still feeling floaty.
I was so nervous about getting this done, but it was fine. I love my dentists office, they are so considerate, they figure the less pain/bad experience you have the more likely you are to come back to and to tell your friends. I still hate going to the dentist, but at least I will go and not freak out.
We finished reading Brightly Burning last night, really good.
I LOVE my Darling Husband, when he found out that the Watch on the Rhine order had been cancel he reordered it. Along with a few other things! A NEW copy of Firefly, the movie Armageddon, and The Good, the Bad and the Undead by Kim Harrison. mmmmmm!!!!! Yummy!! I can hardly wait to tear into reading Watch on the Rhine with my DH. We went through the first few book in the series really quickly and they were soooo good. I keep saying these books are like candy for my brain.
I love reading books, getting new books, and hearing audio books. Mmmmmmm!!!! Books!!!!!! The Library is one of my favorite places to get new books to read. Which is good because my bookshelves are waaayyyy to full, along with the tote on the floor in front of the bookshelf. Which makes this site I found from The Dilbert Blog especially cool. The other cool site I found is book related, it is called podiobook. They are both really cool.
I have been working on my ribby ripple, and on my feather and fan rainbow ripple baby blanket. Which could be interesting if I am doped up for the next couple of days, but at least I will have the time to work on them, I hope. Especially the rainbow one, everyone seems to really like that one. Once I done with it I plan on trying to sell it on e-bay, unless I get a personal offer that I can't turn down.
Part of having teeth (seriously) worked on is ice cream! I just had a bowl of Butter Krunch ice cream. mmmmm! No nuts! So nice to find and ice cream that doesn't have nuts in it, most anything with a caramel or something like it have some form of nuts in it. Sorry, not a fan of nuts in general. When I was younger nuts and certain citrus would break my tongue out. Not bad, just hurt, and made my taste buds swell up. It looked worse after it stopped hurting. It is not as bad now, some will still do it, but nuts not as much. Now I just don't like the taste, texture or them getting stuck in my teeth. But try and find boxed popcorn or ice cream without nuts in them.
Randomness tonight, like most posts I suppose.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I HATE inconsiderate drivers!!!

A few years ago I was hit by a car while I was riding my bike. No broken bone, no head injury, just some bruises a whacked out back, foot and a hurt shoulder. Oh yeah and it totalled my bike. So since then I have had some lovely panic and anxiety attacks when I ride close to large amounts of traffic, or cars get closer than I am comfortable with. Being without a vehicle however makes riding my bike to get around a necessity. Usually this isn't as much of a problem, I ride on the bike trails (not near traffic), and on sidewalks, and through parking lots. I have been slowly getting over the attacks, however Wednesday was the exception to the rule. Darling Husband and I were headed for our dental appointments when a car that was about to use their 'free right on red' almost didn't stop in time to keep from hitting me. Okay so it wasn't that close, but remember the anxiety thing. Then it was time to head up this lovely big hill. Halfway up it I was breathing hard enough I couldn't get any air. DH was very concerned and made me stop and walk up the rest of the hill. He was in for a tooth cleaning and I was there to confirm that I was going to have to have my broken tooth pulled. Turns out that the dentist thinks he can save it with a root canal and a crown. Expensive! But I think I would rather keep it. I have had to many pulled already. DH had to catch his ride to work at 1:50pm or 2:00pm if he was really pushing it. Well we got out of the dentist at 2:03pm and he had to ride mostly across town to his pick up, so I told him to leave me behind and book it in hopes he would catch his ride (which he just barely managed). I shouldn't have taken the route I did, I should have turned off at the trail instead of riding down one of our main streets.
As an aside the intersection I was headed for is one of our odder intersections. Not a huge amount of roads involved, just the two in and two out, and a name change for all streets. However, there is a one way(Jefferson has 3 lanes) that turns into a two way(Troy Hwy has two lanes) , and a two way(Main St. has 4 lanes) that turns into a one way(Washington has three lanes). Clear as mud? Wonderful!
I was headed down Main St. to this intersection, the light was green, and the walk sign was flashing, which means that the guys turning right onto Washington from Troy Hwy should have had a red arrow, and should have been actually watching for people and traffic. But no! This maroon car pulls up to the red right arrow, slows a little, looks down main for oncoming traffic, completely ignoring ME in the crosswalk. Though I figured since he looked in my direction, he had seen me so I kept going. Well apparently he hadn't seen me and almost pulled into me, would have if I hadn't slammed on my brakes. Freaked out I yelled "HELLO!!" Then he looks directly at me and kind of shrugs and pulls out onto Washington. THis was almost a direct repeat of my previous accident where a red car pulled out of a parking lot and into me on my bike as I was riding on the sidewalk.
I don't think people in vehicles realize what kind of mental and physical damage can be done by 'almost' hitting someone. I cried and sobbed all the way to our local supermarket, where DH had left his bike. At the bike rack I stood there and sobbed and cried and tried to breath for a good 15 minutes. Shaking my hand to try and shake out the fear and anxiety. Some nice lady came over because she saw me standing there in obvious distress. Through my tears I tried to explain that I had been hit by a car a few years ago and I had just almost been hit again. She thought I had pinched my hand because I was shaking it and crying. I managed to calm down, and walk our bikes home. So much for the rest of my plans for the day. I wasn't going out of the house, much less downtown again.
I had planned to walk our bikes down to the bike shop for tune ups, and donate/get paid for some plasma, and go to the library to borrow some movies to watch. After this however I went home, tried to calm down some more, took a much needed nap, watched movies already in my collection and put together my new steam cleaner. Yay for the new steam cleaner! Which arrived right before we left for the dentist.
In other news, I spent most of last night getting my kitchen floor ready to be vacuumed so I can steam clean it tomorrow. I am a terrible house keeper and I readily acknowledge this. Which is silly because I am the one that isn't working and is home all day. But DH doesn't do much housework either, so the house is in a perpetual state of disarray and disgustingness (ha! I can make up words too). I am hoping with a steam cleaner I will be motivated to actually clean.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Running late on Monday

So this morning (ok it was afternoon, but hey that is when we get up so that is our morning) my DH's ride to work called at 12:50pm to say that he wouldn't be picking him up this morning. This causes a problem, if DH doesn't get a ride to work he has to catch the 1:30pm....the bus stop is not that close. If he has to catch the bus he usually leaves the house at about 1:00pm, which leaves him time to pace and cool down before the bus gets there to take him to the neighboring town. SHOOT!! That only leaves 10 minutes to shower, get ready and get out the door!. HA! Like that is likely! He managed to make it out the door by 1:15pm and he said he would be ok, just wouldn't have time to cool down before getting on the bus. Good heavens I hate rushing that fast in the mornings. Since he was running late and did not have time for breakfast I even managed to make a couple extra sandwiches so he does not starve before lunch at 6:30pm

In other news, it is Monday! Yay, Monday! The main reason I actually like Mondays is that my quilting group is held on Mondays. Our group is called PPQ (Purple Paisley Quilters), and they are great fun. All the people involved also seem to do other things to, so it is more of a crafters group; people knit, crochet, make catnip toys and other things. Most of the members are women but we do have a couple of men who quilt too which I thought was very cool. Growing up my family made about two quilts a year, everyone worked on them including my older brother and my father. For those that know what it means we made them at Conference time. I still have several of them, and love them all.

Okay, here we go...

First post on my brand new blog.
This is a crochet Afghan I have been working on, it is made from leftover yarn or yarn I didn't have a project for. Colors go Gray, pink, white, multi blue/purple, purple, dark orange multi, light orange multi, white, light blue, dark blue, navy, light pink, dark pink, purple, multi purple, light blue, turquoise, pink, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, light blue, purple, multi blue/purple into turquoise. Soon to go to light green and then dark green.

In keeping with the title here are the books I am in the middle of...
  1. Emerald Sea by John Ringo
  2. Brightly Burning by Mercedes Lackey
  3. Between, Georgia by Joshilyn Jackson
  4. The Postman by David Brin; Total Recall by Sara Paretsky
  5. Storm Testament IV by Lee Nelson
  6. Bitten by Kelley Armstrong.
What I read depends on what I am in the mood for.