Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #1

Thirteen Things I like about My town

1…. Our Libraries :)
2. Our used book store Tj's books and Treasures
3. That most of the town is reachable by bicycle
4. Being so close to another college town, one that is about double the size of ours, so it has more to offer
5. Our local yarn store, Needle Nook. They are very helpful
6. That there are so many trees and so much greenery most everywhere
7. That the town was built on a series of mild to large hills, it's hard to see all the way down a street because the street goes up and down and curves this way and that
8. During the winter time the town actually does a good job plowing the roads and sanding them down so they aren't as slick, though when it snows it is still a good idea to avoid 6th St. hill.
9. Howard Hughes Video, they have the best selection of movies, especially stuff that is not all that mainstream, my favorite section is TV Shows. Plus Sun-Thur they have a deal of every $2.50 title is $.99
10. UUCP, Universalist Unitarian Church of the Palouse, subgroup PPQ Purple Paisley Quilters
11. Most of our grocery stores have an organics section, and our Co-op carries all kinds of interesting things along with primarily organic meats and produce.
12. That an hour away is our favorite camping spot with a town nearby for supplies
13. That even though we live in a trailer park, the trailers are not all jammed together, in fact there are hills with trees between each section of trailers.

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Norma said...

Sounds like a great place to live or visit. How's it for retirement? I think I blogged about Idaho and that topic. Great book environment too.

Great TT. Mines up. Scroll down--I write a lot.

amy said...

Sounds like you have a good time..thanks for participating this week. Mines up as well

Scrapbookmomof3 said...

I think I'd really like you town. Great blog. I love to read and knit too. :)

jewlsntexas said...

Nice list - welcome!

Tori said...

Sounds like me.
I am constantly singing praises to the library!