Friday, November 9, 2007

Ever have one of those days?

I've had a surprising good/bad day.
Good: I managed to make it out of the house in time to make it to the food bank.
Bad: The food bank is closed because they are out of food and will have a shipment over the weekend.
Good: I managed to drop off a ton of grocery bags, we had saved up, at the food bank.
Bad: Traffic was really heavy on a street I needed to cross, it took me 10 minutes to get across, and I had to piggy back on a couple on bikes in order to do it. Then the bike riders decide to ride in the street right in front of me.
Good: TJ's Books and Treasures (my local used book store) is going to take most all of the books I brought in.
Also Good: I managed to sign into donating at 2:25 pm
Really Bad: Donating dicked around and around and around. Then they called me back to the physician office because they had put an ALERT in my file because my heart rate was to high the first time they called me back last time. WHAT THE HECK!!! It took you 35 minutes to figure this the HECK out!!! By now it is 3:03 pm. The sun goes down around 4:15 pm. I talk to the PA, she takes my pulse by hand and tells me I am in the high 90's. She tells me I can go sit and wait in the waiting area, she has to have Cody sign off on the file. I sit until 3:10 pm, I figure I have to be done with donating by 4:00 pm, at the rate things are going I am not going to make it. Rather than have to worry about it, I go up and tell Andrew that I am out of time, and have to leave.
Also Bad: I noticed that at some point today I lost my zipper pull and zipper stop off my favorite jacket. I stopped at what USED TO BE Threads and Things, where I got my wedding dress altered, like I said, USED TO BE. It is now a Falling Moon Tattoo and Piercing Studio. EEK!! I went in and asked about Threads and Things, and they said they think the guy is still doing alterations, he is just doing it out of his house now, and they think the number in the phone book is still the same. Happy Happy joy joy.
Good: I made it home intact, and before dark.
Also Good: I got rid of some books, and a whole lot of paper bags. And I apparently clamped the canopy onto the truck sufficiently well, because it never even moved the entire time I drove around.

Like I said, good and bad all day.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Why I Love Him Wednessday

I found a post earlier about how she was going to start a new Wednesday thing. It sounded like something I would be interested in. It is a Wednesday post about why you love your significant other.
Why I love him...
Tonight when he got home he started picking stuff up and putting it out of the way. Eventually I understood what he was doing, prepping the floor to be vacuumed! Big deal many of you may say, but at this house it is a big deal. The floors get vacuumed only every few weeks, sometimes months. Ewwww! I hear collectively. Yeah, I know, but it happens. We just wear socks a lot. Figuring out what he was prepping to do, I helped clear the floor, and I even got the hallway cleared, so he could vacuum it as well. There is now the semi-leaning tower of stuff that is stacked on the loveseat, but I can wait to deal with that tomorrow.
He even ended the vacuuming with a laugh. I heard the vacuum suck up something that was not good for it, as quick as he could he had switched it off and says 'Okay, the vacuum is all yours now." Right. And what was it he had sucked up? It had started to eat a ball of yarn by wrapping it around the brush. Easily unraveled, but still funny (at least to us).
Also, at some point after the vacuuming, I was hanging up shirts in the closet. Things were getting a little tight in there, and I was running out of hangers, so I decided to 'cull the herd' so to speak. Pulling out several of his shirts I took them to the living room to ask if they could be given away or otherwise disposed of. I had picked shirts that were either to small or that he never wears anymore. Not all of them made it into the 'go away' pile. I can understand some of them have sentimental value, like hunting shirts. Thus why I brought them out to ask for approval. Why I love him? He only kept a few of the shirts. Keeping 3 out of the 12 I brought out is fine, throwing only 3 out of the 12 would have been harder. The hard part for me, was going back to the closet and doing the same for my side. Shirts I don't wear anymore and shirts that don't fit. Isn't that hard for most women? I always think, but if I lost enough weight this would fit again..... DH didn't seem to have have that internal debate.
I do love him so.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New project

I am thinking I need to start working on knitting or possibly crocheting a sweater or cardigan. It is going to have to be something really simple. I need to look for patterns online and in whatever instructions I do have. I would like recommendations of fibers, basically what kind of yarns would make a good sweater/cardigan. Basically NOT wool, and not felt-able, and washable. I may have to go talk to the LYS that didn't hire me in order to find out what I need to know.
I'll post more as I go threw my decision process.