Monday, December 3, 2012


I did make the workout and weigh-in on Friday. I am down a pound! Which I consider awesome since that time period also includes Thanksgiving. DH, the dog and I went for another long walk on Saturday, and DH and I went swimming on Sunday. I swam 6-100 yard sets with a total of 650 yards swum. I made Mac and cheese with ham and cauliflower from my diet book last night, and I'm taking leftovers with me for my lunch today. I will try and work out today as well, we shall see, I am not so good about working out on Monday's after swimming on Sundays.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday November 25, 2012

My DH, our dog Sassy and I went on nice long walk on Saturday night, and we went swimming today. I didn't work out before swimming because of the long walk the night before so we just swam. I managed to do 4-100 yards with a total of 600 yards swam. The changing room was rather a zoo, and I'm just not comfortable changing and showering with everything flapping in the breeze for all to see. They only have the 2 changing rooms, so even though it's frowned upon, I changed in one of the toilet stalls. The interesting part was that it is one of those auto-sensor toilets and it kept flushing as I moved about getting changed, so I tossed my shirt over to top of the sensor and was able to change in peace.
I've made a lot of progress on the cross stitch for my newborn niece Kinlee. Probably because she is newly born. Funny how a deadline (or past deadline, cough cough) can motivate you. I also sent flowers and a gift basket to my brother and his wife, I hope they like and appreciate them. I was worried about them freezing if left on the porch, but then I did a face-palm. They are in GA, sure enough I checked the weather and it was a high of 65 with a low of 42 on the day they are to be delivered.
We are playing some Starcraft tonight, which I am enjoying. But before we started playing I managed to unload and re-load the dishwasher! Win! I am not a good housekeeper, so any cleaning or house work I can mange to get done is a major win for me.
That's all the updates for now! 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

November Update

I haven't blogged in a while, I've done most of my social media interaction over on I like it over there. But I've started a weight loss journey and I don't want to flood my timeline with posts about my weightloss. Heavens knows I've muted people for doing exactly that. But I still need a way to be accountable. Thus my return to blogging. I can post here where no one is reading and still have a post that *could* be read.

My weight loss Journey

My friend Julie introduced me to the Now Eat This! Diet book many months ago, I ended up buying an eBook copy of the book and then never really opening it. I even downloaded it to my laptop and was still not reading it. Finally, about a week ago, I went and found a paper copy at Hastings. I then went next door and had Office Depot spiral bind the book. As an aside, seriously who makes a cooking book and then puts regular glue binding on it? The spiral binding on it works much, much better and I have cooked a few things out of it already.
Though I suppose my weight loss journey actually began after I got hired at my new job. New job has a gym on sight, about a week into my new employment I went and signed up at the gym, which they call the LQ. My DH also works at the same place and we usually go in at the same time, he doesn't get off work at the same time I do everyday however. He is usually about an hour behind me, perfect time for me to go down to the LQ, get a work out and have him meet me there after he is done to go home together. My goal has been to work out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with a bonus workout and swimming on Sunday at the local Aquatic Center. This plan has had some hiccups, but when we go swimming I have greater lung capacity and can swim farther so there have definitely been some improvements.
I think my major don't wanna go complaint in the back of my head is that the elliptical machines all face the Giant Mirror Wall. Not just the elliptical machines, the treadmills, the stationary bikes, and some of the weight lifting equipment. When severely overweight, it is not encouraging to have to see your flab bounce as you work out. I can see the weightlifters wishing for the GMW as they like to stand in front of it and watch themselves lift weights. and behind them is me chugging along jiggling all over the place and watching my belly bounce. It's not that big a room, but there had to be a way where the people on machines didn't have to watch themselves jiggling.
I've designated Fridays as weigh-in day, current weigh-in: 300 lbs.
How I did last week:
On Monday I was all stuffed up and didn't feel up to huffing and puffing.
On Wednesday, it was our last day of work before starting a 5 day weekend and I just wanted out of the place.  But we did take the dog for a short walk in the cold wind.
On Friday we were off work and we got exercise by wandering a few stores for Black Friday.
Are we going swimming Sunday? I am not sure, even after checking online for a schedule, if the pool is open tomorrow.
On Monday we are both off work and I am having dental work done, so no working out.
Hope to back into the swing of things on Wednesday.
In the meantime I need to start planning meals, and I need to go ingredient shopping.
Wish me luck!