Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday November 25, 2012

My DH, our dog Sassy and I went on nice long walk on Saturday night, and we went swimming today. I didn't work out before swimming because of the long walk the night before so we just swam. I managed to do 4-100 yards with a total of 600 yards swam. The changing room was rather a zoo, and I'm just not comfortable changing and showering with everything flapping in the breeze for all to see. They only have the 2 changing rooms, so even though it's frowned upon, I changed in one of the toilet stalls. The interesting part was that it is one of those auto-sensor toilets and it kept flushing as I moved about getting changed, so I tossed my shirt over to top of the sensor and was able to change in peace.
I've made a lot of progress on the cross stitch for my newborn niece Kinlee. Probably because she is newly born. Funny how a deadline (or past deadline, cough cough) can motivate you. I also sent flowers and a gift basket to my brother and his wife, I hope they like and appreciate them. I was worried about them freezing if left on the porch, but then I did a face-palm. They are in GA, sure enough I checked the weather and it was a high of 65 with a low of 42 on the day they are to be delivered.
We are playing some Starcraft tonight, which I am enjoying. But before we started playing I managed to unload and re-load the dishwasher! Win! I am not a good housekeeper, so any cleaning or house work I can mange to get done is a major win for me.
That's all the updates for now! 

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