Tuesday, January 22, 2008

De-Lurk athon

I am currently attempting to comment on all the blogs I read.
So welcome to the nuthouse.

Some of my favorite posts are here, here , here, and here.

Because I have been doing so much gift knitting my hands have been hurting in new and interesting ways, so I have switched to crochet for now.
This is what I have been doing lately.

They are flipped, the turquise on the top on the left, and the bottom on the right is where I am currently working,about to change to a dark purple, which if you you look closely at the pic on the right you can see the start of the purple. This is my random remnants afghan. I have been making myself use whatever yarn my had touches first when I reach for a new color. This is the Granny Chevron pattern from the Jan Eaton 200 ripple pattern book. It is a really easy and repetitious pattern. Since I have been knitting for so long I had basically forgotten how much faster crochet is. This is 8 days of inconsistent work. * days of knitting for the same time would be about 1/8th as big.

Lately we have had snow, snow and more snow. It is now below freezing, and has been for days. It is currently 11 degrees outside, the road out front is basically ice. With no snow tires of the truck I reluctant to go anywhere. I had to go shopping yesterday, and when I went to turn right, to go up the road to the store I kept going straight. I almost hit the lady who was waiting to turn left onto the road I had just come off of. I managed to stop, and then get turned so I could head up the road.
This was taken about 4 weeks ago.
We have had several snow falls and melts since then, but I forgot to take pictures today so this is what I have to show. There is a big plowed mount on the right side of our driveway that is about 3 feet deep. I know others have lots more snow, but we haven't had this much snow in years. In fact we have been in a drought for about 9 years. Hopefully all the snow we have been getting will help with that this year, at least somewhat.
I am nervous about going in for my appointment tomorrow to get an IUD, so I have been chewing on my cuticles. So far not my fingernails, just the cuticles. I would like to keep my fingernails nice if I can manage it.
I am also planning on making prime rib roast for a Feed of Dreams at my church tomorrow. I need to cal my dad and get a good recipe.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mouse in the house.

Lately we have had a mouse running around the house. I has been seen at random hours, running into and out of our small bedroom which is right next to our furnace. Mouse has been leaving signs and seen running around for about a month or more. Finally we went out and got traps on Sunday night. We got home and eventually got them set up and baited, then we went about our evening, pretty much forgetting that we had set out traps. My DH looks up from the book he was reading and goes, "Huh, I wonder..." Then he goes into the kitchen, comes out and starts getting dressed. He had been in his pj's so this was very unusual. I was confused and kept asking him where he was going, since it was fairly obvious he was getting dressed to go somewhere. He told me he was going tot he recycling center, which isn't far away, but still the recycling center? In the middle of the night? Then he said not to worry, he was going to the composting area of the recycling center and not all the way around to the front. He put on his coat and started looking for gloves. Once he had them on, he came out of the kitchen carrying one of the tripped traps. Ah, now that made more sense, he was taking the mouse to the compost recycling area. He explained when he got back that it seemed the best chance of survival for the mouse. The compost provides heat and food. Once he got back we again went about our evening, after we reset the trap int he same spot. He asked a little before we were going to go to bed it I heard that tapping sound. I said that I thought so. He went and checked.
Sure enough we had trapped another mouse.
This time we went to the recycling center together, to release the mouse. We got back home, rebaited the trap (we had neglected to rebait it after cleaning it out after the first one was caught) and reset it up where it was and went to bed. I checked on it when I got up to use the restroom, and sure enough we had trapped another one. DH took it to the recycling center after we got up for good and after his shower.
So far we haven't caught anymore, and I am hoping we have gotten rid of our infestation. I thought we only had the one mouse, so it was a bit of a surprise to catch three of them. No wonder they had been so bold, they were many.