Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen Things about Me

There is the 7 random/habits about you meme going around, so I figured I would just make it a TT.
  1. When I was growing up I had a really bad habit of pulling off my toenails. Including the roots. I think I was a little bit of an insomniac and so I would usually read until all hours of the am, when even that got repetitious I would pick at my toenails. The next biggest toe was my regular victim, though all but the big toe got pulled. This is still evident in my toes today, my next biggest toes' toenails grow in very thick, and instead of trimming the top edge I have to trim the whole thing down. Big toe wasn't immune to this treatment, but the nail is to large to have pulled out, so it got picked at and trimmed down to bare nail bed. And my parents wondered why I limped funny. I also chewed my nails all through high school. I finally quit chewing my nails about 2 years ago, I got it down to just chewing on my right pinky, and then I quit that one to for my wedding. The pulling and chewing was a way for me to deal with stress, and let me tell you stress was a big part of my life in high school.
  2. My first job was working for my father at a place called Checks Plus Collections. I called angry people and told them they had to pay their returned checks plus our $20 fee per each bounced check. Try sounding mature and firm with very angry people when you are 16. The pay was ok, it wasn't fast food, I made night manager, and I had spending money. The worst was getting the people who were angry and cursing, cursing me and everything in between, and that I had to work Saturdays 8am-12pm.
  3. I like to eat Lipton Chicken soup mix dry. That is to say I like to eat it without mixing it with water, or cooking it. Just the soup mix and the hard noodles. I like salt.
  4. I really love having a swamp cooler.
  5. I have at least six knitting or crochet projects currently in the works. A rainbow knit baby blanket; a front post double crochet; a crochet random ripple that changes colors every two rows; a crochet spiderman round ripple; a crochet round ripple baby blanket for a friend who is having a baby soon; a crochet hexagon patchwork blanket; and a knit ripple scarf.
  6. I can not find a decent bra in my home town, I have to go to Spokane, and I have yet to find the shop open when I get there. So I stay home a lot, so I don't have to wear such an uncomfortable device. I believe I am up to a 48D, the biggest the stores here go up to is 44.
  7. We like to hang out with our friend 'S' on the weekends. Where we watch movies and TV series, and I work on one of my many projects.
  8. I like to play runescape.
  9. I love to read, and I am enjoying sharing my favorites with my DH.
  10. We have been fans of Firefly since we first saw the train episode (pilot?) on TV.
  11. I try to donate/sell my plasma twice a week. They pay $30 per donation, which is why DH calls it selling it instead of donating it. My last donation took 37 minutes, which is rather fast for me, I usually take about 42 minutes.
  12. I go through a lot of milk and pickles.
  13. We like to go camping, but we don't currently have a vehicle that would get us there. DH gets a ride to work with a friend, since the truck wouldn't make it to his work and back.
Bonus: I get what I call 'cold aches' . Basically it feels like I have an ice pack where my leg bone should be, and it feels like it is radiating cold and it aches. Lately this has been starting in my left thigh bone and then (most of the time) it expands to include my hip joint. Then it will start in the other leg and expand to its hip joint as well. Weather doesn't seem to be a factor, as I get this no matter the season. Many times I have gotten this in 90+ degree weather, doesn't seem to cool me off any just hurts. I would get these as a kid too, my parents figured they were growing pains, gave me a Calcium pill and a hot pad. Oddly enough the Calcium still helps some, so in an effort to prevent 'cold aches' I take Calcium at night before bed. (It didn't work last night and my thigh bone is currently aching). The hot pad helps most of the time, but in hot weather is more of a pain.
Thanks for looking.

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Thorne said...

Nice ta meetcha! (I have inadvertently pulled my little toenail off a few times. It doesn't seem to be terribly well attached.)

Jenny said...

OMG you pulled out your toenails? Wow. I cry if I cut to short. Ouch.

Michelle Pillow said...

Interesting about the cold aches, I know if you get really hot you can get a sensation of cold.

Thanks for stopping by the blog!

Maria said...

I am still trying to wrap my head around pulling out your own toe nails! I had one catch on a door and rip halfway off and I thought that I was going to lose my mind with pain. And then it got infected, so I was just so very attractive....

And dry lipton soup mix? That sort of makes me gag just thinking about must really crave salt! Maybe I should try it though, since at my last doctor's visit, they told me my sodium level was way too low. They said that was almost unheard of in this day and age!