Sunday, May 20, 2007

Shooting in my town

I know it has been awhile since I posted, not much has been going on, I go down to donate plasma, I go shopping, I eat things that are bad for me i.e. Doritos and ice cream, and I get phone calls from friends and family.
Like this afternoon, our friend Scott calls to see if we had heard about the shooting.
Me:The WHAT?!
Scott: The shooting, here in town.
Me: No, I hadn't heard anything about a shooting, where was this?
Scott: Up at the courthouse, and then the shooter holed up at the First Presbyterian Church, shooting off more rounds and killing a couple people inside.
Me: No I hadn't heard anything about it.
Scott: You should check, they have an article up about it. My mom (who lives in Wisconsin) called me this morning to ask about it. That's how I heard about it.
Me: Wow, um ok, thanks.

So, wow. Our town had a shootout. We made the front page of, so much for the peaceful tranquility that is our normal weekend. DH's mom lives about a block from where this happened and I wonder if she heard the shots. Also, apparently our town has 3 SWAT teams?? DH says every cop in town and every county officer belongs to one of the SWAT teams, it's more of a drinking buddies group. Though I do find it interesting that it took the SWAT teams 5 hours to storm the church after the last shot was heard at 1 am. I am also sad that "first Moscow police officer to be killed in the line of duty" happened this weekend.
We were awake until about 6:30 am and didn't hear anything.
I keep expecting phone calls from family to check on us, and find out what is going on.

In other news, I need to post to tell about our fabulous weekend 1st anniversary trip, do the 7 odd things/habits about me meme, which I may turn into a TT like others I have seen do.
That's it for the news here.

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Maria said...

Hey...noticed that you listed Between, Georgia as one of your favorite books. I have that on order at my library. Is it wonderful? I've read some great reviews on it. I only allow myself to buy 2 books per month. The rest I have to get at the library, to save money. It must be popular, as I am listed as number 7 to get it. sorry about the shooting. Even smaller cities aren't safe anymore, yes?