Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ok I know you have done it too, fess up. Gotten depressed and (physically) hurting, and gone and gotten a HUGE bowl of ice cream and eaten ALL of it. Digging through it for the little veins of caramel, using it to sooth your inner cranky child who just wants to go hit stuff, and then go scream and cry on the floor. It is so wonderful that ice cream now comes in these great little cardboard boxes, so much screaming in the world stopped before it even starts. I know most women use chocolate for this purpose, but I have found that chocolate is one of the few things that upsets my stomach pretty badly. Acid reflux combined with acid indigestion, not fun. I miss my Lindor chocolate, but I suppose I can do without it, since it means not as much acid burbling up my throat. So that means I had to replace the comfort food, that turns out to be ice cream.

I went to donate/sell some plasma yesterday, heart rate was to high. What makes your heart rate be so high? Is it a food? I don't drink caffeine a day before I go it, I am good about the salt before I go in. As more explanation, the pulse rate has to be 100 or lower, my pulse rate was 105, 107, 109. Then I get to go sit for 15 min. to try and bring it down, after the 15 min. it was 107. In the past the highest I hit was 123. I also sit in the lobby area crocheting for about an hour before I sign in. I figured it was so high because I was riding my bike in, and we know I have some issues with bike rides sometimes, so I have been driving the truck in. Apparently that hasn't helped all that much. I am starting to think it is just because of my weight. Always a joyful subject.

On to happier things. Our good friend Scott bought us the first season of Forever Knight, and we have been watching it when DH gets home at night. I have no idea if anyone else out there remembers the show, but it is a favorite of DH's and it isn't a bad show. Speaking of not bad, on Sunday night we went with Scott to see Enter the Haggis perform at a local bar. It was awesome, I really enjoyed the music. If you haven't heard of them, you should go listen to them online. If I have this right, they are a Celtic rock band from Canada. They have a very cool sound.
That's it for now, hopefully I'll have a Thursday Thirteen up tomorrow.


Amy said...

Wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog. I miss Lindt too - I'm low-carbing it and it's rough going to say the least!

Feeling your pain!

Maria said...

God...we just got into a HUGE fight over Ben and Jerry's Karamel Sutra last night. I bought it on Monday on the way home from work, intending to have some as a treat...forgot about it.

Came back to it last night and there was exactly ONE tiny scoop left. Bing SWEARS she just had "a little tiny bit" and Liv doesn't really like ice cream. Someone is a liar, liar, pants on fire...that's all I'm sayin..

Book and Hook said...

Hehe, I know the feeling. DH likes to do the same only with chips. Then he can say "I didn't finish them off, I left some for YOU." Grrrr!! Though I must say that Karamel Sutra sounds yummy!

Beau Beau & Angie said...

This is not the cats speaking - it's their Mom --
Thanks for stopping by our blog. Hope you can get some kitties some day. They really make you feel great!
About your post - one thing you might try before going to the Dr's or to give plasma or whatever - is to make sure you are really hydrated. Drinking enough water makes our bodies work more efficiently - even us cats!