Thursday, March 22, 2007

I HATE inconsiderate drivers!!!

A few years ago I was hit by a car while I was riding my bike. No broken bone, no head injury, just some bruises a whacked out back, foot and a hurt shoulder. Oh yeah and it totalled my bike. So since then I have had some lovely panic and anxiety attacks when I ride close to large amounts of traffic, or cars get closer than I am comfortable with. Being without a vehicle however makes riding my bike to get around a necessity. Usually this isn't as much of a problem, I ride on the bike trails (not near traffic), and on sidewalks, and through parking lots. I have been slowly getting over the attacks, however Wednesday was the exception to the rule. Darling Husband and I were headed for our dental appointments when a car that was about to use their 'free right on red' almost didn't stop in time to keep from hitting me. Okay so it wasn't that close, but remember the anxiety thing. Then it was time to head up this lovely big hill. Halfway up it I was breathing hard enough I couldn't get any air. DH was very concerned and made me stop and walk up the rest of the hill. He was in for a tooth cleaning and I was there to confirm that I was going to have to have my broken tooth pulled. Turns out that the dentist thinks he can save it with a root canal and a crown. Expensive! But I think I would rather keep it. I have had to many pulled already. DH had to catch his ride to work at 1:50pm or 2:00pm if he was really pushing it. Well we got out of the dentist at 2:03pm and he had to ride mostly across town to his pick up, so I told him to leave me behind and book it in hopes he would catch his ride (which he just barely managed). I shouldn't have taken the route I did, I should have turned off at the trail instead of riding down one of our main streets.
As an aside the intersection I was headed for is one of our odder intersections. Not a huge amount of roads involved, just the two in and two out, and a name change for all streets. However, there is a one way(Jefferson has 3 lanes) that turns into a two way(Troy Hwy has two lanes) , and a two way(Main St. has 4 lanes) that turns into a one way(Washington has three lanes). Clear as mud? Wonderful!
I was headed down Main St. to this intersection, the light was green, and the walk sign was flashing, which means that the guys turning right onto Washington from Troy Hwy should have had a red arrow, and should have been actually watching for people and traffic. But no! This maroon car pulls up to the red right arrow, slows a little, looks down main for oncoming traffic, completely ignoring ME in the crosswalk. Though I figured since he looked in my direction, he had seen me so I kept going. Well apparently he hadn't seen me and almost pulled into me, would have if I hadn't slammed on my brakes. Freaked out I yelled "HELLO!!" Then he looks directly at me and kind of shrugs and pulls out onto Washington. THis was almost a direct repeat of my previous accident where a red car pulled out of a parking lot and into me on my bike as I was riding on the sidewalk.
I don't think people in vehicles realize what kind of mental and physical damage can be done by 'almost' hitting someone. I cried and sobbed all the way to our local supermarket, where DH had left his bike. At the bike rack I stood there and sobbed and cried and tried to breath for a good 15 minutes. Shaking my hand to try and shake out the fear and anxiety. Some nice lady came over because she saw me standing there in obvious distress. Through my tears I tried to explain that I had been hit by a car a few years ago and I had just almost been hit again. She thought I had pinched my hand because I was shaking it and crying. I managed to calm down, and walk our bikes home. So much for the rest of my plans for the day. I wasn't going out of the house, much less downtown again.
I had planned to walk our bikes down to the bike shop for tune ups, and donate/get paid for some plasma, and go to the library to borrow some movies to watch. After this however I went home, tried to calm down some more, took a much needed nap, watched movies already in my collection and put together my new steam cleaner. Yay for the new steam cleaner! Which arrived right before we left for the dentist.
In other news, I spent most of last night getting my kitchen floor ready to be vacuumed so I can steam clean it tomorrow. I am a terrible house keeper and I readily acknowledge this. Which is silly because I am the one that isn't working and is home all day. But DH doesn't do much housework either, so the house is in a perpetual state of disarray and disgustingness (ha! I can make up words too). I am hoping with a steam cleaner I will be motivated to actually clean.

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