Monday, March 19, 2007

Running late on Monday

So this morning (ok it was afternoon, but hey that is when we get up so that is our morning) my DH's ride to work called at 12:50pm to say that he wouldn't be picking him up this morning. This causes a problem, if DH doesn't get a ride to work he has to catch the 1:30pm....the bus stop is not that close. If he has to catch the bus he usually leaves the house at about 1:00pm, which leaves him time to pace and cool down before the bus gets there to take him to the neighboring town. SHOOT!! That only leaves 10 minutes to shower, get ready and get out the door!. HA! Like that is likely! He managed to make it out the door by 1:15pm and he said he would be ok, just wouldn't have time to cool down before getting on the bus. Good heavens I hate rushing that fast in the mornings. Since he was running late and did not have time for breakfast I even managed to make a couple extra sandwiches so he does not starve before lunch at 6:30pm

In other news, it is Monday! Yay, Monday! The main reason I actually like Mondays is that my quilting group is held on Mondays. Our group is called PPQ (Purple Paisley Quilters), and they are great fun. All the people involved also seem to do other things to, so it is more of a crafters group; people knit, crochet, make catnip toys and other things. Most of the members are women but we do have a couple of men who quilt too which I thought was very cool. Growing up my family made about two quilts a year, everyone worked on them including my older brother and my father. For those that know what it means we made them at Conference time. I still have several of them, and love them all.

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