Monday, March 26, 2007

Root Canal

I believe I mentioned I was having to have a root canal on Monday.
Well I went in and had it done, fun times, I am still a little loopy. After the procedure, we went and picked up my prescription, they gave me percocet (sp?)! Still feeling floaty.
I was so nervous about getting this done, but it was fine. I love my dentists office, they are so considerate, they figure the less pain/bad experience you have the more likely you are to come back to and to tell your friends. I still hate going to the dentist, but at least I will go and not freak out.
We finished reading Brightly Burning last night, really good.
I LOVE my Darling Husband, when he found out that the Watch on the Rhine order had been cancel he reordered it. Along with a few other things! A NEW copy of Firefly, the movie Armageddon, and The Good, the Bad and the Undead by Kim Harrison. mmmmmm!!!!! Yummy!! I can hardly wait to tear into reading Watch on the Rhine with my DH. We went through the first few book in the series really quickly and they were soooo good. I keep saying these books are like candy for my brain.
I love reading books, getting new books, and hearing audio books. Mmmmmmm!!!! Books!!!!!! The Library is one of my favorite places to get new books to read. Which is good because my bookshelves are waaayyyy to full, along with the tote on the floor in front of the bookshelf. Which makes this site I found from The Dilbert Blog especially cool. The other cool site I found is book related, it is called podiobook. They are both really cool.
I have been working on my ribby ripple, and on my feather and fan rainbow ripple baby blanket. Which could be interesting if I am doped up for the next couple of days, but at least I will have the time to work on them, I hope. Especially the rainbow one, everyone seems to really like that one. Once I done with it I plan on trying to sell it on e-bay, unless I get a personal offer that I can't turn down.
Part of having teeth (seriously) worked on is ice cream! I just had a bowl of Butter Krunch ice cream. mmmmm! No nuts! So nice to find and ice cream that doesn't have nuts in it, most anything with a caramel or something like it have some form of nuts in it. Sorry, not a fan of nuts in general. When I was younger nuts and certain citrus would break my tongue out. Not bad, just hurt, and made my taste buds swell up. It looked worse after it stopped hurting. It is not as bad now, some will still do it, but nuts not as much. Now I just don't like the taste, texture or them getting stuck in my teeth. But try and find boxed popcorn or ice cream without nuts in them.
Randomness tonight, like most posts I suppose.

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