Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #4

Thirteen Chores I have been avoiding.

  1. Folding Laundry, ugg I hate this chore.
  2. Putting away laundry, same as above, and same with washing the stuff.
  3. Cleaning out my fridge, "Are your sure there is a bad smell?"
  4. Cleaning/straightening most of the area in the tip-out of my trailer. I'll just walk carefully.
  5. Clearing the are in front of my bookcase, it seems to be a catchall for everything.
  6. Sorting through the big tote that is full of books I got for free. My goodness where am I going to put them all the bookcase is already full!
  7. Putting the china I got for my wedding in storage under my bed. No worries about crushing the china, my bed is about 5' off the ground.
  8. Putting yarn I pulled out of my stash for a project, back in my stash boxes since I have now canceled the project.
  9. Clearing out my incoming mail holder. Most of it is just junk mail anyways.
  10. Putting the cooler, suitcases, and water jug from our vacation back in the shed. Everything is stacked so higgeldly-piggley in there that finding room is hard.
  11. Cleaning off my kitchen table so it can actually be useful. Where is all going to go?
  12. Posting things to Freecycle so they can go away. No excuse for that one.
  13. Cleaning and organizing my kitchen. Oh boy, what a task.

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Warning, minor rant.
Ok, so for the last 3 days I have tried to donate/sell my plasma. I have been doing this for a while now, and it should be no big deal by now right? Apparently it is still a big deal, to my body at least. It may be rebelling. My heart rate has been really high the last few days, and I mean REALLY high, like 116 high. At least today it went DOWN after they had me go sit for a while to try and bring it down under 101. Yesterday and the day before it was just about the same. Part of it could be that I am psyching myself out. Some time ago the sites where they insert the needle got really, really sensitive and it hurt quite a lot to have the needle inserted. Last time I donated I have to have a re-stick done because my right arm hurt so bad. A re-stick is where they stick a new needle in your other arm. So I think I am worried that the sites are going to become all sensitive again and one way to get out of it is to have a heart rate that is to high.
The other thing is apparently Corporate came through a few days ago a ripped on them pretty hard. One of the results of that is a new rule that you have to sign in as soon as you come in. Whereas before this I was coming in and sitting for an hour before I would sign in. So today, since signing in immediately for the last two day hasn't worked, I sat in what is called Friendship Square for an hour reading my book facing away from the donation center. Nice and sunny out, I'm sitting in the shade on a bench reading. You'd think that would help and be relaxing right? ::Sigh:: Apparently not. I go in, sign in, get the lovely finger stick, sit and wait until they call me to a booth, heart rate is 116. On the plus side my temp was down from yesterday, yesterday my temp was 99.5, today it was 98.6. Driving in a very hot truck without AC could have been to blame for yesterday, but who knows. Anyways, I talk her into letting me sit for 30 minutes instead of the usual 15. I sit and crochet and silently bemoan having to watch War of the Worlds AGAIN. She calls em back and...........111, and then 109. CRAP, Crappity, crap!!! So for the third day in a row I am deferred for the day. But hooray! I can come back and try again tomorrow! For the FOURTH day in a row. If I wasn't so very, very broke I wouldn't have even tried today. How broke? I have $1 until next Wednesday. I have $1 headed into a three day weekend! Basically I am very upset.........with myself.
In better news I had a job interview today for my LYS (Local Yarn Store). How very cool would that be? I think it went very well. I am happy with everything I said, and haven't had a random comment come back to haunt me. YET. At one of the other ladies suggestions I took in projects I have done, and ones I am in the middle off, and that seemed to really help.
Yesterday I was just bawling because I found out Ubee didn't make it and passed to the Rainbow Bridge. Such a sweet, sweet kitten. So very sad.
In other news, I am headed out to mow my much neglected and turning brown lawn.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wordy Monday

Funny the things that motivate us.
On Sunday afternoon we had a major power outage. It started at about 6 pm and lasted until after 8 pm. We took it as a hint that we should clean instead of lounging on our backsides like we usually do on the weekends. We opened up most of our curtains and blinds to let in as much light as possible, and we lit candles and our oil lamps for more light because it was very dark and rainy when the power went out. We went for a walk to drop off our utility payments, which are in front of our local grocery store Rosauers. So we stopped to get some groceries, remember the power is still out, they had emergency lighting and the cash registers running on a generator so we could still buy our groceries with cash or check. When we got back home we started seriously cleaning and my living room is much, much cleaner. There is suddenly an uncovered love seat, top of monitor, and coffee table. Not to mention floor, there is suddenly floor!
Saturday was fun, we went with friends from DH's work to Lake Coure'd'lane (sp bad i know). We drove up the windy highway instead of the main freeway. It was very pretty, very windy. We stopped at a few shops on the way, one in St. Maries and later in Coure'd'lane. Then we went and had dinner at the Coure'd'Lane Resort, expensive but very tasty, though the service from the waitress kinda sucked. We were at the very end of her route of tables and she didn't come by to help us or ask if we needed anything nearly as often as we saw her do for the table just next to us. Finally 'C' asked a different waitress to tell our waitress that we would like to see her. That FINALLY brought her to our table. 'C' and 'J' did tip her, but if we had been paying for it I am sure my DH would have only tipped her a fraction of what they did. Then we came home and they dropped us off at home. We unloaded our gear, and 'C' came in to see our place and more specifically to see the bed frame that DH built for our bed. Because of the frame he built our bed is very high off the ground, with lots of storage space under the bed. The top of the mattress hits me at my breast bone and I am 5'4", so it is very high up.
We head out to their van to say goodbye, and found out that their keys had been locked in the van, along with their two small dogs. She flipped out. Thinking her keys might still be at their house DH and her husband 'J' walked to their house to try and find them. He can't find them but he does bring back their other vehicle, using a spare key for that car. Of course the cell phone was locked in the van as well. So from the house 'J' calls their cop friend who is also their roommate, luckily he is able to come out with unlock tools and an instruction manual. Problem was he couldn't manage to get either door to unlock. So 'J' calls their insurance company for unlock service when it was clear their friend couldn't get the doors unlocked. A tow company that their insurance company called showed up and istead of using unlock tools, he went in through the door seal with rubber pads and then a bendy piece of insulated wire to either press the unlock button or open the door. By this point DH had pulled out our camp chairs and we were lounging on the lawn. He gets the door open and the alarm goes off. It is midnight by now, I am sure our neighbors just loved us. Sorry everybody. We walked the dogs, and loaded them back in and they went home. So it all turned out ok, but still.
In other news I applied for a job at my LYS!! That would be so cool. Yarn! Yarn! Yarn!
I am getting close to the point where I can't continue on one of my projects, or can't continue without buying some yarn online since I can't find it anywhere else. I need Simply Soft in Lt. Country Peach. I need at least a couple of skeins of it. I finally have paypal set up, so here soon I may be able to get them from the Caron site. When I can afford it that is. The pattern I am using is a knitted feather and fan pattern.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Oh my, a new post!

I know, I know what is up with this only posing once a month?


I am lame, that is about the only excuse I have. Life didn't really get to crazy, other than from July 27th thru Aug 5th which I will try and explain about a little later.

I was very bad yesterday. I may have frightened a kid by yelling at him, but him and his friends deserved it.
Ok, so here is the story of yesterday. I haven't been able to donate/sell my plasma for the last few months because the retest that they do every 4 months came up with my proteins being 0.1 to high. Everything else was in the fine range, just that one thing was slightly to high. So I had to wait a couple weeks before I could come in and have a retest done on my sample. At the time I thought the PA (Physicians Assistant) told me it was going to cost me $5 to have it tested. Money got really really tight and I literally didn't have the $5 to spend to do it. Finally I had the $5 so I went it to have the sample drawn, turns out they paid me $5 not they other way around. Oh, well cool then. They said it was going to take about 7-10 days to get the results back, and when they came back they would call me to tell me I would come down to find out what they were but that they couldn't tell me good or bad over the phone.
Skip to about two and half weeks later, I call to find out if the results are back since I hadn't heard or gotten a message . The results were back, I was fine to come in tomorrow.
"Fine to come in and find out what the results were, or fine to come in an donate because things were fine with my test?" I asked them.
"Fine to come in and donate, the results were fine." they said.
"Tomorrow? Not today?" I ask.
"Nope not today." she says.
"Ok, how come tomorrow and not today? I'm just curious." I say.
"Um, let me ask." She comes back to the phone and says, "The results are in but they haven't been processed yet." she replies.
"Ah, ok. Thank you." I say and hang up.
So yesterday I am going to drive down to the plasma center, I pull out of my drive way, go down the road to where it "T's" with Almon St. and turn right. I go a little ways down the road and here comes a group of 3 boys on bicycles. They are directly in my lane, headed directly for my truck. I slow way down so they have time to move to the other lane(no traffic there), or otherwise move out of the way of my 3/4 ton pickup. They don't move. I eventually have to stop entirely and sit and wait for them. While I sit and wait for them in the middle of the road they leisurely ride towards me. Two go to the right of the truck and one goes to the left (drivers side). I think they were up to something, I didn't like to look in the eyes of the ring leader who was one of the ones that went right. Now the bad part. When the one that went to the drivers side got to my open window I yelled as loud as I possibly could, (um, I think I got my lungs and vocal power from my dad, this was not a weak voiced yell)
"HAVE A NICE DAY!!" and then I slammed the gas. I must have spoiled their fun somehow because as I looked in the rear view the ring leader was off his bike and making obscene gestures at me.
Anyone need to wonder why my blood pressure was a bit high at the plasma center?
5 Minutes for Mom is having a new contest in which they are giving away an Insignia® 37" Flat-Panel LCD HDTV. How cool is that? They are giving it away from Best Buy. If you want more information check out the link for 5 minutes for Mom, they have the details.
I have been listening to audio books via podcasts lately and I just wanted to pimp I've been listening to Earthcore, if you get the chance check them out.

Have a great day and I'll talk about my trip later