Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #4

Thirteen Chores I have been avoiding.

  1. Folding Laundry, ugg I hate this chore.
  2. Putting away laundry, same as above, and same with washing the stuff.
  3. Cleaning out my fridge, "Are your sure there is a bad smell?"
  4. Cleaning/straightening most of the area in the tip-out of my trailer. I'll just walk carefully.
  5. Clearing the are in front of my bookcase, it seems to be a catchall for everything.
  6. Sorting through the big tote that is full of books I got for free. My goodness where am I going to put them all the bookcase is already full!
  7. Putting the china I got for my wedding in storage under my bed. No worries about crushing the china, my bed is about 5' off the ground.
  8. Putting yarn I pulled out of my stash for a project, back in my stash boxes since I have now canceled the project.
  9. Clearing out my incoming mail holder. Most of it is just junk mail anyways.
  10. Putting the cooler, suitcases, and water jug from our vacation back in the shed. Everything is stacked so higgeldly-piggley in there that finding room is hard.
  11. Cleaning off my kitchen table so it can actually be useful. Where is all going to go?
  12. Posting things to Freecycle so they can go away. No excuse for that one.
  13. Cleaning and organizing my kitchen. Oh boy, what a task.

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Xakara said...

I just blogged about laundry yesterday. I'm the only person I know who actually likes doing laundry.

But I'm with you on the fridge. I'm so bad at cleaning it out like I should. And clutter is approaching my workspace. I'll take you list as inspiration to straighten up a bit.

Happy TT

~Xakara <----use this link please :)

Sarah Gee said...

I love this list! I am SO going to do this one next week! :)

I hate putting my laundry away. Today I put away laundry that I washed TWO weekends ago. The only reason I took it out of my laundry basket was so that I could fill the basket full of dirty clothes I'll be taking with me tomorrow (out of town) to wash! LOL

Crystal said...

I hate messing with laundry too. I'm so bad about it, I wait until the last minute to do it. *sigh*

And my kitchen table? It's more like a shelf. :)

Happy Thursday!

Marina said...

Your list look way too much like mine (not posted, but someday, when I need to knock out a quickie). One thing I do with my mail is sort the junk out over the trash can before I even go in the house. Cuts what actually comes in WAY down.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I am Sooo with you on most of these...The Laundry being #1 on the lisrt of things I hate---Yes, EVERYTHIHG About it...! And truthfiully, it is really silly, cause it is not that hard for me....BUT, I hate it anyway.

Michele sent me tnght and I can't really speak for her but it would not surprise me if she felt the same way! (lol)