Thursday, August 9, 2007

Oh my, a new post!

I know, I know what is up with this only posing once a month?


I am lame, that is about the only excuse I have. Life didn't really get to crazy, other than from July 27th thru Aug 5th which I will try and explain about a little later.

I was very bad yesterday. I may have frightened a kid by yelling at him, but him and his friends deserved it.
Ok, so here is the story of yesterday. I haven't been able to donate/sell my plasma for the last few months because the retest that they do every 4 months came up with my proteins being 0.1 to high. Everything else was in the fine range, just that one thing was slightly to high. So I had to wait a couple weeks before I could come in and have a retest done on my sample. At the time I thought the PA (Physicians Assistant) told me it was going to cost me $5 to have it tested. Money got really really tight and I literally didn't have the $5 to spend to do it. Finally I had the $5 so I went it to have the sample drawn, turns out they paid me $5 not they other way around. Oh, well cool then. They said it was going to take about 7-10 days to get the results back, and when they came back they would call me to tell me I would come down to find out what they were but that they couldn't tell me good or bad over the phone.
Skip to about two and half weeks later, I call to find out if the results are back since I hadn't heard or gotten a message . The results were back, I was fine to come in tomorrow.
"Fine to come in and find out what the results were, or fine to come in an donate because things were fine with my test?" I asked them.
"Fine to come in and donate, the results were fine." they said.
"Tomorrow? Not today?" I ask.
"Nope not today." she says.
"Ok, how come tomorrow and not today? I'm just curious." I say.
"Um, let me ask." She comes back to the phone and says, "The results are in but they haven't been processed yet." she replies.
"Ah, ok. Thank you." I say and hang up.
So yesterday I am going to drive down to the plasma center, I pull out of my drive way, go down the road to where it "T's" with Almon St. and turn right. I go a little ways down the road and here comes a group of 3 boys on bicycles. They are directly in my lane, headed directly for my truck. I slow way down so they have time to move to the other lane(no traffic there), or otherwise move out of the way of my 3/4 ton pickup. They don't move. I eventually have to stop entirely and sit and wait for them. While I sit and wait for them in the middle of the road they leisurely ride towards me. Two go to the right of the truck and one goes to the left (drivers side). I think they were up to something, I didn't like to look in the eyes of the ring leader who was one of the ones that went right. Now the bad part. When the one that went to the drivers side got to my open window I yelled as loud as I possibly could, (um, I think I got my lungs and vocal power from my dad, this was not a weak voiced yell)
"HAVE A NICE DAY!!" and then I slammed the gas. I must have spoiled their fun somehow because as I looked in the rear view the ring leader was off his bike and making obscene gestures at me.
Anyone need to wonder why my blood pressure was a bit high at the plasma center?
5 Minutes for Mom is having a new contest in which they are giving away an Insignia® 37" Flat-Panel LCD HDTV. How cool is that? They are giving it away from Best Buy. If you want more information check out the link for 5 minutes for Mom, they have the details.
I have been listening to audio books via podcasts lately and I just wanted to pimp I've been listening to Earthcore, if you get the chance check them out.

Have a great day and I'll talk about my trip later

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Word Tosser said...

Ah, the youth of America... raising our blood pressure.. lol.. wonder if we did the same when we were younger. As a farm girl, I didn't get much of a chance. Too busy working down on the farm.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely note.. Hope I live up to your kind words.