Friday, July 6, 2007


Neighbors, neighbors, neighbors.
Yeah, so our Noisy neighbors are back. It was soooo peaceful and quiet while they were gone for the 4th. Now they are back, and they are 'unpacking' their car. Which as far as I can see and hear (OMG the hearing!) consists of the kids either swinging whatever is in their hands around and around or making roaring and squealing noises. AAAAGGGGG!!!! I am lamenting the loss of some quiet.
EEk! It has turned into a game! Adult roars and the kids squeal! My ears, my ears!
I know, I know, if it bothers me so much. Move.
Can't, not right now anyway, and the next move I make I want to be into the HOUSE we just bought. Right now we live in a mobile home, in a trailer court. The only good thing is that it is the nicest trailer court in town.
I know it isn't much to complain about. All the other neighbors are quiet, even the ones with kids and newborns and little chihuahuas are quiet. I think the thing that really got to me was when the oldest (about 11-12) brought home the GUITAR. At least it isn't a violin a friend told me, ok, I'll give them that, it is not a violin. But really bad, just learning, guitar music can be REALLY grating as well. It has taken about 3 months, and he is finally up to about 3 chords which he loves to play over and over again on their front porch.
I really don't know how much more of this I can take, before I blow up and storm out of the house (sans pants probably), and go across the street and start screaming at them to turn down the damn rock music while they are doing dishes with the windows and door open! Or to go over there screaming at them that the car alarm is not a toy! That one is my favorite. The wife sits in the car and continually beeps the car alarm until five minutes later her husband finally comes out with whatever it is she sent a child in to tell him to bring her. Or one of the kids gets a hold the remote and sets off the alarm every 3 minutes(I timed it for an hour one day).
Regular kids noises I could probably deal with (sans the roar and squeal that is STILL going on), but it is the guitar, and the car alarm as toy, and the deciding to play loud rock music at odd hours that are getting to me.
Not quite as hot here today, close though.
I didn't here from SEL today, so no idea if they want me yet. Sigh.
Update: They e-mailed me a rotten e-mail to tell me they were 'looking at other candidates'.
I need to get something to eat.


Mercy's Maid said...

Sorry about your noisy neighbors. That can be so annoying! I have some drunken frat boys who live behind me and have parties nearly every night that go on and on and on.

I knew I was getting old the first time I called the police and made a noise complaint. :)

Mike Adamick said...

Oh lord -- noisy neighbors, the bane of my existence. I feel your pain.

Mike at Cry It Out!

Word Tosser said...

We had a teen neighbor who was learning how to play the summer... when we like to have windows open. And then 4 months later he was joined by his friend who was learning how to play rock guitar so they could have a band.. Of which we endured... and then the practice nights.. over and over the same song. By the time they got good, the teen joined the