Friday, April 13, 2007


So I have been avoiding doing something all this week and all last week too. *Sigh* I have to go to Pullman (neighboring town, aprx. 8 miles away). I don't have a vehicle that will make the trip, so that means taking the bus. Now normally this is not problem, however the place I need to go is across town from where the bus does drop offs. Options after that point are the problem. I can either catch the bus and take it to Pullman, then wait for the Pullman bus to come by and take me across town (for a fee, our towns town bus is free), then I get the thing I need to get, catch the Pullman bus again, and then catch the between towns bus again and go home. The problem with this is that I am not sure which route bus I need to catch in Pullman, there are like 8 that stop where I would be picked up. So the other option is to load my bike onto the bike rack that most of the between town buses have, and when I get dropped off, ride across town, and then back across town to pick up the bus again and go back home. Sounds like the best option right? Well the only issue with that is that the bike racks are kinda tricky, and the driver always seems impatient that and I am just being lazy. And it is fairly cold out, and I just am being lazy and don't wanna go, I just want to ride in a nice warm vehicle, get the stuff, and go back home in a nice warm vehicle. *sigh* so much for that pipe dream.
Anyways, I am about to head out to catch the bus. Good luck to me.

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The Meowers from Missouri said...

hullo, book & hook! we're glad you came to visit us at our bloggie. it's allus nice to make new furriends!!

mom loves kevin & kell--she says it's just like her & dad. she's from chicago, he's from a small missouri town. he still gets GI haircuts an' spitshines his (now cowboy) boots like in the air force, she still decries the need for war and occasionally puts flowers in her hairs (an' yes, she IS old enough to remember when that was new). he works on machines and sells plumbing, she's a gal-friday who also makes art and jewelry.

but they just celebrated their 30th nannyworsary, an' like kevin & kell, are living proof that opposites DO attract AND stick together.

us? we don't get into any of that stuff. we's just kitties, an' you're welcome to drop by an' laugh with (an' at) us, and skritch us all you want.

headbutts and nosekisses from
nelson, edmund, nitro, an' xing-xing