Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wordy Thursday

I know I haven't posted in a while. Sorry. Life as usual goes on.
I haven't been working for over a year. I don't like working for people that enjoy jerking me around and around. Hopefully what I did yesterday will help with both issues. I started the application process for a place called SEL. DH works there, and it would be so nice to be on the same schedule, and to double our income in one swoop. Perhaps then we could get a new to us vehicle, and do repairs around the house.
Anyways, yesterday.
I took the bus to Pullman to go to the SEL Open House, I figured while I was in Pullman I would pick up my birth control so I wouldn't have to worry about going next week to pick it up. Coasted down a really, really big hill. Pullman was built on 7 hills, to go practically anywhere you have to go up or down hills. Got my stuff, and headed across town for the Open House. I made it in time to see DH on his 4 pm break. The hill to get up to his building is a real killer. I managed to make it up the hill, and be waiting for DH (panting, sweating, and red face matching my red shirt) to come out of the locker room.
I went through the Open House, did the tour and the tester board that shows what it would be like to work on the drop line. After the tour I signed up for a telephone interview on Monday. I did the same thing at a previous open house, did the same thing and did the whole telephone interview, assembler testing, and main interview. They didn't want me then, hopefully they want me this time.
I forgot that the bus changes its schedule for the summer and that it doesn't have the later pick up that it did in the fall/spring schedule. Ahhh living in a college town and next to another college town. So I missed the bus and had to ride my bike all the way home. 12.5 miles. Again. Today I am a big OUCH.
My keyboard and mouse are currently freaking out, keep losing connection. I keep having to hit the connect key in order to keep typing. I think it is the piece that connects it wirelessly. This last paragraph of typing took 9 re-connects as an example.

I am hoping that DH gets home ok. His bike tire went flat on the ride to work today, multiple times. He has to ride home tonight, or walk his bike home which would take even longer. It is 12.5 miles from his work to home. He has walked it before, I just hope he gets a ride. He rides in about once a week. Otherwise he gets a ride in with a friend of his.

Thanks for reading my ramblings

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