Tuesday, January 22, 2008

De-Lurk athon

I am currently attempting to comment on all the blogs I read.
So welcome to the nuthouse.

Some of my favorite posts are here, here , here, and here.

Because I have been doing so much gift knitting my hands have been hurting in new and interesting ways, so I have switched to crochet for now.
This is what I have been doing lately.

They are flipped, the turquise on the top on the left, and the bottom on the right is where I am currently working,about to change to a dark purple, which if you you look closely at the pic on the right you can see the start of the purple. This is my random remnants afghan. I have been making myself use whatever yarn my had touches first when I reach for a new color. This is the Granny Chevron pattern from the Jan Eaton 200 ripple pattern book. It is a really easy and repetitious pattern. Since I have been knitting for so long I had basically forgotten how much faster crochet is. This is 8 days of inconsistent work. * days of knitting for the same time would be about 1/8th as big.

Lately we have had snow, snow and more snow. It is now below freezing, and has been for days. It is currently 11 degrees outside, the road out front is basically ice. With no snow tires of the truck I reluctant to go anywhere. I had to go shopping yesterday, and when I went to turn right, to go up the road to the store I kept going straight. I almost hit the lady who was waiting to turn left onto the road I had just come off of. I managed to stop, and then get turned so I could head up the road.
This was taken about 4 weeks ago.
We have had several snow falls and melts since then, but I forgot to take pictures today so this is what I have to show. There is a big plowed mount on the right side of our driveway that is about 3 feet deep. I know others have lots more snow, but we haven't had this much snow in years. In fact we have been in a drought for about 9 years. Hopefully all the snow we have been getting will help with that this year, at least somewhat.
I am nervous about going in for my appointment tomorrow to get an IUD, so I have been chewing on my cuticles. So far not my fingernails, just the cuticles. I would like to keep my fingernails nice if I can manage it.
I am also planning on making prime rib roast for a Feed of Dreams at my church tomorrow. I need to cal my dad and get a good recipe.


Cat said...

One of these days I'm going to learn how to knit. You make some really nice stuff.

As for the snow, please send it our way. The ski resorts here in NJ have been making snow like mad the past week. Some real snow would be excellent.

Bob-kat said...

THat sounds really cold. We don't get much snow here in the southern UK and this winter it has rarely got very cold. I hope you get a break in the weather soon!

Your crochet looks great!

MarmiteToasty said...

The only thing my mother ever did for me was to teach me to knit, from when I was 5.... I can knit fairisle, aaron, intrasia anything.... I even for a while had me own designer name.... that of course was before divorce, and being left with 4 sons to raise completely on me, put paid to any time for me and me knitting was put away for a time when I was able to restart my passion........ and then last year after a break of 7 years I found me needles and as soon as I held them in me hand, I just knew they belonged in me hands....... Ive forgotten many of the intricate stitches, but it will all come back, Im sure, I hope so anyways.......

BUT...... I never learn to crochet........ I so wish I had.....

and STOP lurking lol


Star said...

Mihle sent me. Boy, you covered a lot of ground in that post. I love the crochet. I used to years ago.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks so much for your visit....!
I have never known how to Knit or Crochet..But I know how to Cross-Stitch.....! My Mother and My Grandmother boh knit and Crochet'ed...AND were expert Seamstrisses...(They both earne their living sewing....!
I LOVE the combination if colors in the knitting you chose to post!

We've had a lot of rain here...with more predicted, if they are correct...(lol)
And we need the rain, really badly! So though their are heavy-duty winds with it....I am Very glad we are getting the rain we are!

KC said...

I've wondered about old people and knitting -- I always thought it would hurt after a while. How many hours in a day do you do it? That could be the issue.

Rhondalicious said...

Don't be scared of IUDs! I've had one put in 3 times, and I survived each time :-D I promise that if you take some ibuprofen an hour before you go in, it really helps (though by now you might have already had it in...)

Word Tosser said...

kc did you know that Rosie Gier the football player was one heck of a knitter? Knitting isn't just for girls.

My mother did a lot, made beautiful sweaters. My daughter crochets, I do nothing.. so guess it skipped a generation.
I was showed once how to... I worked for 45 minutes on a 10 inch strand, of which the gal said not bad, too tight here, too loose here, and then pulled a string, and it was gone. GONE!! 45 minutes work in less than a second. That was enough for me.

Mosaic Cats said...

Hey, thanks for commenting on my mosaic blog and for visiting! Your crochet work is gorgeous. My mom was a huge knitter/crocheter/needlepointer...but I never had the patience. My good friend started to knit a year ago and is totally addicted. I sense it may be something I take up later in life. Which would be in 11 days when I turn 50?
Mosaic Lady Laura

Maria said...

I'm going to take a knitting class soon. Ah...so pretty.

And yes, I take it personally when it snows in February. I simply hate it. It is too much, too fast and too sloppy. It melts, slushes and then re-freezes. It makes me want to...scream.

Aim said...

That's a really pretty afghan you are making! Great way to use up the scraps :)