Thursday, February 28, 2008


So we knew last summer/fall that we had a yellowjacket/wasp nest under our trailer. We set out traps around the place they were exiting from, and caught a few hundred. Seems we had forgotten we had a problem. Well lately we have had a problem with yellowjackets showing up IN THE HOUSE. Specifically the bedroom, on husbands side of the bed. Usually one arrives, and within a couple of hours a second one will show up, making a beeline (hehehe) to the bathroom, crawling along the floor.
This morning was a little different.
I woke up about an hour early and went to the bathroom. This is pretty normal, I regularly have to get up about once a night. I came back and talked a little with hubby who was awake. I heard a 'buzz, buzz' from his side of the bed. I kind of sighed and said, so they are already up and about, hmm? Hubby agreed. I went and put my glasses on because I didn't feel like putting in my contacts yet. I came back and looked for the bugger. I couldn't find it. I put my contacts in and kept looking and hubby finally admitted that he had been stung at least twice and had swept the wasp to my sewing desk. I looked around my desk and still couldn't see it. I decided to go turn on the computer to find out what I could about wasp stings. This comp takes quite some time to boot, being an older computer. I headed back to the bedroom to talk with DH, and rub his feet a little. I headed back to the living room comp a few minutes later. I was standing outside the bathroom when I reached up my left hand to brush some hair off my forehead.
OUCH! Hey that hurt! Damn, I bet that was the wasp. It was. It was on my shirt in my armpit/boob area. I had been stung on my inner forearm. I violently shook my shirt, trying to get it off such a sensitive area in case it stung again. Spent a moment or two tweaking out, until I saw the bugger climbing the door frame of the back door. I managed to kill it and rinse it down the drain. I went back to the comp and looked it up, ice and cold water would help with the pain. Nothing to remove the toxin though.
Hubby got up and got in the shower since he couldn't sleep any longer.
Our day progressed normally after that.
So any suggesting on trying to remove the nest that is inside the skirting/under the trailer? And somehow finding their way into the bedroom?
Hubby says we need to pull everything from the bedroom, steam clean the floors, including the closet, and take out the built in drawers to find the entrance they are using. Man that sounds like a lot of work. I think I have mentioned that our bed is really high up? The mattress hits me mid chest. Thus we have a lot of stuff storage under the bed, with no place to put the stuff that is stored there.

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rennratt said...

My co-worker is married to an exterminator.

He recommends finding the 'entrance area' *(likely under the trailer, and under the insulation) - and filling it with the spray foam insulation. It comes in a can, and costs around $5 at W*lM*rt.

Removing the nest? That should probably be done by a 'professional'. The only remedies that I am aware of include smoke and fire. Neither would bode well for your home.

Good luck!