Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Well at least the snow is gone, mostly. There is still some in the hollows of the hills, areas that don't get much of the available sunlight.
Spring has been acting more like a cranky toddler than a lion this year. Snow, then sun, then hail, then rain, and back to any of the previous. All within minutes.
Sorry I haven't had much to say recently, so here for your enjoyment is a update from me.

I started selling my plasma again. I had stopped over the winter because it was just to difficult to get in and still have an acceptable heart rate. Though I must say my heart rate has really been behaving the last few weeks.
We were looking at a house in Colfax. WA. But it went really quick. Probably because of the $39,900 price tag. Which is really, really low by most any body's measurement. Friends called us on Sunday to tell us about it. We checked the web site on Monday, it said Pending later in the day on Monday, and was off the site by late Monday night/ early Tuesday morning.
I found a new group of crafters, they are called The Woolgather's. They meet on Thursday nights (for now), and they invite anybody who does crafty stuff to come join them. Knit, crochet, spin, weave, or whatever. They are very nice. I am still going to Monday night Purple Paisley Quilters (PPQ), but I didn't go this Monday because I wasn't feeling well, and I had a Birthday party to go to. Which you would think that would be mutually exclusive, but I managed. I don't think I had an actual illness, just an upset stomach.
I have been back in contact with a woman who has previously made me feel like dirt, but I am being wary this time, and if she starts coping attitude with me or my husband we will remove ourselves from spending time with them, and they can just deal with it. This is pretty much a last chance offer to be friends. They blow it this time and I'm going to block their numbers, and cease ALL contact. So far they have been behaving. It was her husbands birthday party that I went to.
We recently purchased a laptop. DHL has tried to deliver it twice, but we can't hear people knocking when we are asleep in the bedroom. So we are sleeping on the futon tonight, so we will wake up when they knock on the door, at about 9 am . Fun part is it wasn't supposed to be done being built until the 25th, with an arrival date of Apr. 30th. Yet it tried to arrive on the 21st, isn't that cool?
We also went to Costco and did a MAJOR shopping trip. As in $500 major shopping trip. Holy wow! Both the laptop and the Costco trip came from our tax return money.
The snow in the yard may be gone, but the yard itself is major swampland. We probably won't have to water it until June.
We haven't had any yellowjackets show up in the bedroom/house recently, which has been really nice. Watch now that I have said that, one will show up tomorrow morning. Though I did have one inside the door hinge area when I opened up the drivers door of the truck. I am guessing it was a queen looking for a sheltered warm spot to start a new nest since it was very swollen looking. Unlike the ones we had been getting inside the house, which are skinny and lethargic. She was pretty lethargic also, and I was able to sweep her off with a napkin and onto the ground below the door.
I am really bad about doing things when scheduled to, but I will try and have something to say in a few days.


rennratt said...

Has work been going well for your husband? Are things looking up now that spring may finally be there?

Maria said...

So, how did the friend thing work out?